Miguel Eduardo Rosero Muñoz: An Ecuadorian designer in international film productions


TEXT: Aída Zhingre Duque

PHOTOS. Courtesy of Miguel Rosero

He has lived for 25 years in the United States, has worked in international audiovisual productions for companies such as Netflix and History Channel... now he is willing to promote cinema in Ecuador.

He has 10 years of a successful career in Los Angeles-California, United States, city where Miguel Eduardo Rosero Muñoz emigrated 25 years ago, in search of opportunities, after failing in his attempt to enter the Ecuadorian Naval Academy, in his native Guayaquil.

His natural talent and passion for digital arts, reflected in his lifelong interest in graphic design and motion graphics, have shaped him as an expert in the art of merging the typographical with the visual, generating elegant compositions, mostly in the film and television industry.

He studied graphic design at UCLA University in Los Angeles, but he is also a tireless self-taught person. He started doing small independent film productions and those open the doors to venture into productions for companies like Netflix and History Channel.

His creative projects include the design of posters for cinema, animated graphics, graphics for commercials, development of attractive websites, graphic design for production, postproduction, costumes, props, as well as print design as DVD and packaging, and the creation of logos and collateral advertising materials for their clients.

His most recent production, very well received in the Latin world, is "Siempre Bruja (Always a Witch)." "It's a Colombian production, a colaboration between Netflix and Caracol," explained Miguel, who believes that luck has been on his side, since he was surrounded by industry people who valued their talent and desire to work.

Projects in which

has participated

During his professional carreer, the Ecuadorian designer Miguel Rosero has participated in more than 33 projects, including the National Geographic series American Genius; the television series: NASCAR: The Rise of American Speed, produced by CMT network. It was part of the series Roman Empire-Reign of Blood, for Netflix; the theatrical premiere of the movie The Belko Experiment, produced by James Gunn, director of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, and directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek & The Darkness).

He also participated in the series American Playboy - The Hugh Hefner Story, for Amazon Studios, a documentary drama based on the life of Hugh Hefner, the enigmatic founder of the Playboy empire.

Another recent work is Kingpin, produced by History Channel, a documentary series that narrates the life of well-known names in the world of crime; John Gotti, Jimmy Bulger, El Chapo Guzman and Pablo Escobar.

These accomplishments have made him part of the prestigious Art Director's Guild.

He recently completed two projects, Siempre Bruja, the story of a young witch who travels in time to escape being burned at the stake and an epic biography of the famous Colombian bullfighter, Pepe Cáceres.(F)

A merit recognition

This past May 24, for his work and talent that has elevated the name of Ecuador in the United States, the diplomatic body of Ecuador in Los Angeles-California, represented by the Consul General of Ecuador in the United States, Ivonne Guzmán gave him a recognition; it was also regognized by, the City Hall of Los Angeles, with its major Eric Garcetti; and the Assembly woman for the United States and Canada Circumscription, Ximena Peña.

According to the texts, his name was highlighted as an example of improvement and entrepreneurship and an example of Ecuadorian citizen, he was honored for elevating the name of his native country in North America.

Miguel said he feels very honored by this gesture and proud of having achieved so many accomplisments; He confessed that he is very interested in coming to Ecuador to share his knowledge and encourage film production. "If the neighboring country Colombia has managed to develop this industry, I do not see why our country can not do it with so many wonderful locations and talent it has," he concluded.


On June 14, Miguel Rosero will meet with the Consul General of Ecuador in the United States, Ivonne Guzmán, to discuss avenues to promote cinema in Ecuador.


Did you always want to be a designer or are there dreams that stayed on the road?

This is a part of my history: I was studying at the Liceo Naval, my dream was to enter the Naval Academy, for which I was already approved, practically one step away from entering, but in the medical examination we found I have a medical issue in my neck, which prevented me from continuing in this dream. It was them the time to look for new horizons and I decided to travel to the United States, as well as many emigrant compatriots.

What came first in North America?

In this country, the first thing I did was to study English, a key step, then I studied computer science, a career that allowed me to work as a programmer for 5 years in an company. I was doing well, but it was not my thing. Since I was little I was involved in the arts, I liked to make my own designs, my favorite soccer team Barcelona t-shirts of course, drawings and other things.

How was the entrance to the film industry?

In the United States I continued designing business cards, web pages and advertisements. That's how I met Carlos Osorio, my business partner now, at that time he was art director of the series 24 for Fox. He was the one who gave me the entrance to this world. It was coincidental because one day he needed a graphic designer for his work and then he called me. That's when I jumped into the ring, and 10 years later I have not stopped.