Miguel Rosero, a local talent in California

- March 21, 2019 - 00:00
The creative guayaquileño professionally prepared in graphic design at UCLA in Los Angeles, United States, and is also self-taught.
Photo: courtesy of Miguel Rosero

→ The Ecuadorian graphic designer, resident in the United States, supervised the art of the series Siempre Bruja (2019), by Netflix, filmed in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

The Colombian series Siempre Bruja had among its designers the Ecuadorian Miguel Rosero. 

The series, which was filmed in Cartagena de Indias, shows the story of Carmen, an 18-year-old witch who lives in the 17th century, who, to save herself from being burned, travels to the present.

Rosero spent eight days in Cartagena, where he supervised the graphic part, even though his base as a designer is in Los Angeles, California.

The work carried out by the Ecuadorian creative has to do with the design of art in production, both in the scenography , posters, even on cell phone screens.

"For example, if it is filmed in a police station, I design the posters, the stationery, everything graphic."

Rosero explained that Siempre Bruja conducted an investigation of the subject of witchcraft in order to "build something real, not fancy, with a base, is what designers do."

In Siempre Bruja, Rosero worked almost six months in the production of the series that he described as one of the most interesting of his career.

Miguel Rosero's graphic experience is reflected in more than 30 projects in the film industry in the United States.

Among them, productions for National Geographic; and CMT Network, in the latter with Nascar, The Rise of American Speed.

It was also part of the Roman Empire series , The Reign of Blood, by Netflix.

As well as American Playboy, the story of Hugh Hefner for Amazon Studios, which was a documentary based on the life of Hefner,  founder of Playboy.

"It was a great experience because we had the opportunity to meet him, as we explore his life," Rosero recalled enthusiastically.

But, how an Ecuadorian came to the industry? Everything was a chain of events in your life, he responds.

Rosero traveled to California in 1994, just when he graduated from the Liceo Naval school in Guayaquil.

He was about to enter the Naval High School, but a problem in his neck prevented him.

In search of alternatives, Rosero went to the United States to learn English and then study the Systems Engineering degree.

"I was a programmer, but it really was not my thing, I was not satisfied."

It is that "the passion of design", -as he calls it-, he cultivated from his childhood in Guayaquil. 

He did it by drawing and then in business cards, brochures and other works.

Everything changed when a friend of his, Carlos Osorio, who worked at 24 (2001-2010), drama and action series, asked him for some designs, because someone from the art department had been missing.

"That was a coincidence of life, it was the first thing I did for a series," Rosero said .

As of that moment more proposals arose, that now presents them under the seal of Mr Design Studio.

What Mr is not for "sir" in English, but by his initials, Miguel Rosero.

After 25 years in California, Rosero admits that he would like to return to Ecuador for seasons, and share his knowledge.

 "The country calls, and could work and contribute to local projects." (I)

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